Works With Your Favourite LLMS


Prompt Injection Detection
Content Moderation
Sensitive Data Detection & Redaction
Malware Detection
Hallucination Detection
Hallucination Detection
Prompt Decoration
Code Detection
Trust & Safety Classifiers
Prompt Injection Detection
Content Moderation
Sensitive Data Detection & Redaction
Malware Detection
Hallucination Detection
Prompt Decoration
Code Detection
Trust & Safety Classifiers

Getting Started Is Easy

Deploy Javelin in our cloud, your cloud or even in your own data center

Rapidly Setup Routes

Setup routes to popular LLM vendors like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere in minutes for departments and users

Configure Policy Guardrails

Directly configure and enforce organizational policies, ensuring interactions remain within set guidelines and budgets.

Securely Proxy LLM Calls

Actively proxy and monitor LLM calls, ensuring security and permitting only validated interactions.

Enterprise Sources

Connect teams that need access to models

Streamline LLM access and allow departments and users to securely interface without direct exposure to credentials or configurations. Whether you're a data scientist, an engineer, or an analyst, interact seamlessly with both open and closed-source LLMs through a standardized interface.


Manage access to providers and models

Grant controlled access to a myriad of LLM models and providers, ensuring that interactions remain within the bounds of organizational cost structures and policy guidelines. Users benefit from a secure, streamlined connection, with built-in guardrails that monitor and manage expenses and adherence to corporate policies and compliance needs.

Combining Innovation with AI Responsibility Across the Enterprise

Dive deep into the comprehensive suite of security tools prioritizing policy adherence and cost-efficiency.

With features such as throttling and rate limiting, you can ensure the flow of requests is moderated and controlled.

Leverage state of the art models for content filtering and secure data exchange

Set explicit content guardrails to guarantee that LLM interactions remain within risk and safety confines, helping your organization manage responsible model use.

Security and privacy are paramount, and with Javelin Gateway's advanced data redaction features, you can be confident in protecting sensitive information.

Built with a keen understanding of modern privacy concerns, the gateway can automatically identify and redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) from prompts, ensuring that sensitive data is not inadvertently exposed or compromised.

Simplify the challenge of managing vendor credentials

Centralize the management of all credentials for different LLM vendors in one secure location.

Streamline access and bolster security, ensuring that credentials are safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

In the evolving regulatory landscape, compliance is more critical than ever. Every interaction—be it a prompt, output, recommendation, or action—can be meticulously archived on demand.

Ensure that your organization has a comprehensive record, ready and available for audit compliance. Whether it's for legal necessities or specific industry regulations, Javelin keeps you prepared and compliant.

AI Security, Delivered!

We provide real-time protection of data exchanged with LLMs for your AI Applications so you can accelerate AI adoption with peace of mind


  • Secure Credential Store Prevents Leaks Javelin Gateway's centralized architecture restricts direct exposure to sensitive credentials or configurations, elevating overall security
  • Control Model Usage & Costs With built-in guardrails, Javelin ensures that all interactions align with organizational security and compliance policies, mitigating risks
  • Audit Controls & Usage Robust logging and deep inspection capabilities, facilitate comprehensive audit trails and security transparency


  • Optimized for Speed Engineered to handle massive data throughput, ensuring that all your Users and AI Apps swiftly call LLMs with high throughput and ultra-low latency
  • Multi-Threaded Parallelism Multi-threaded parallelization designed to move your data at high speed and low latency accelerating your AI initiatives
  • Designed for Volume Able to handle massive data volumes making it ideal for an entire Enterprise’s needs

Easy to Use

  • Simple API Calls Our SDKs are easy to use and cater to a wide range of developer preferences to seamlessly integrate with your existing applications
  • Simple Setup for Experimentation or Production Use Users can effortlessly interact with various LLMs without needing to navigate vendor-specific nuances.
  • Detailed Analytics Get detailed usage metrics, analytics on model use and costs

Robust & Scalable

  • Built-in reliability & availability Javelin is built to be highly reliable with enterprise grade availability and uptime guarantees
  • Fully Serverless  Our fully serverless offering automatically scales as your needs grow. We handle the service so you can focus on your core business.
  • Deploy in the Cloud or on your Cloud Account  We support on-premise, cloud as well as private VPC deployments